A Handful Of… The Boxing

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 20.57.19You might be expecting some kind of half-cocked pun about boxing here, but sadly for once I’m going to let my overwhelming love for a band take over and just tell you how great they are (after the usual bit of narcissism). The Leeds-based genii do psych better than pretty much any other newcomer and latest single ‘Tame‘ sees them at it again is a sparkly way that would get right up your nose if you drank it too quickly. It’s gorgeous, transcendent music that’ll have you in a world so far from reality you might struggle to get home in time for tea.

So we got the gentlemen at hand to provide us with a Handful of the tunes they love to celebrate this release, mostly so I could write a bit less. Here’s the ace new tune, then you’ll be in the hands of The Boxing.

The Cult – Resurrection Joe

Henry (Bass): Despite the awful video this song sums up everything I dig about the ’80s Post Punk/Goth thing, plus you can really dance to it. If more people knew the song it would be a killer at house parties.

Neil Young & Devo – Hey Hey, My My

Henry: Not to be too dramatic but this tune pretty much changed my whole outlook on music, life and bands in matching outfits. It showed me the dirty side of Neil Young and was my first encounter with Devo who I immediately became obsessed with. (There’s also a ten minute video of this out there that’s 100% worth your time)

The National – Day I Die

Charlie (drums): Sombre choice but it’s great to have new music from The National. In another band this drum part would lay the groundwork for a frantic punk track but with the typically masterful arrangement from the band it just ties the whole track together.

Arctic Monkeys – Knee Socks

Charlie: My favourite track from AM, absolutely full of attitude and super catchy.

GROUP PICK: Arcade Fire – Creature Comforts

Henry: Since this came out it’s been a shared favourite of ours! There always seems to be one of us that’s not as in to something as the others but we can all get down to this so well done Arcade Fire, you really nailed it.

Get more of The Boxing on Facebook, yeah?

Ciarán Steward

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