The Americas – Something’s Gonna Happen

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 10.44.40There’s a new tune from one of our very favourite bands The Americas doing the rounds and it’s another excellent burst of their peculiar Midlands-esque Americana sound. For a band without a bassist, there’s a nice little trundling baseline going through this new tune that holds the whole thing together like a keystone.

Harry Payne’s voice once more proves a dominant force as he channels a selection of greats from eras gone by while the support from Aaron Whittaker (bv/guitar/keys/etc) and Alex Bradshaw (drums) helps round the track out nicely as if it were prime Traveling Wilburys. The anthemic chorus is what keeps this from slipping into obscurity, that key refrain is enough to stick in your head and provide an uplifting motto for you to take with you whether it’s on a trip down the shops or as you strut purposefully towards a life-changing meeting. They’ve even got a ruddy harmonica in there, come on now, who else are you listening to that chucks in a harmonica in this day and age where it actually sounds boss?

There’s plenty of promise in these lads and you can rest assure that (Shut up, I’m doing it anyway) SOMETHING’S GONNA HAPPEN… Someday…

Catch The Americas headlining We Close Tonight’s #Blogtober show at London’s The Finsbury on 26th October. Grab your free ticket from DICE.

Ciarán Steward

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