Trudy and the Romance – Is There A Place I Can Go

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 20.32.56Hey there daydreamers, sounds like Trudy and the Romance have well and truly got your number and, boy, this line is hotter than your average chat line at a far, far reduced rate. Phew, is it just me or is it so hot in here that you could cook an egg and live-stream it on Facebook so you can look all cool and edgy?

By far the jazziest outing yet from the North-West trio, they go far lighter this time out as they tease the next EP. Yet there’s still that unmistakable Trudy swagger that makes them one of my absolute favourite bands in the world. Fun fact, I’m actually standing about a yard off to the right of that main image, drinking an alcoholic ginger beer. Alright, it wasn’t that fun a fact. Anyway, yet again the alluring voice of Olly Taylor is just so darn charming that you can’t help but fall at least a little bit in love with their brand of ‘mutant ’50s pop’ sound. The way all three of them are so in sync for the highs and lows of the track shows just how close a bond they share and this new single leaves you with an overwhelming desire to reminisce about it as if it were a memory of beautiful days gone by.

They’re at it again, those Trudy boys, and they’re still the very best at what they do. What a beauty.

Ciarán Steward

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