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Premiere: Bokito – Aloof

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 20.45.36The intro makes you think Jeff Buckley, the rest of it makes you think there might have been something slipped into your tea, both combine to make the brilliant new track from the effortlessly infectious Bokito‘s new track.

With a bass that screams ‘Two Tribes‘ and a general sense that they’ve been listening to ‘Living On A Prayer‘ for far too long, the wonderfully weird London via Ireland quintet follow up catchy-as-the-flu debut single ‘Better At Getting Worse‘ with a new tune that flows through all kinds of historic musical moments and yet retains their rapidly defining sound – mostly through the remarkable performances from the almighty Moses on lead vocals. Come on, there’s no way this is actually about being aloof in the slightest as plenty of effort has surely gone into piecing this bad boy together to make it just so full-on and delectable. If you put 100 chimpanzees in a room for  thousand years with typewriters, pianos and a whole load of drums they might just about get to this. To be fair, I reckon the vocals from our chimpy pals might not quite be up to scratch. Or the twiddly guitar bits.

But that’s enough monkeying around (nailed it…), this is really fun and a nice lively track that’ll have you harking back to classics while getting a taste of something brand new. Lovely. Stuff.

Ciarán Steward

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