Some Kind Of Playlist – #1

Here’s a playlist of some songs that are good. Because who can be bothered to think of a concept for a playlist any more, of even a decent title. These are just some ace tracks that you should be listening to, wrapped up in a neat little package.

Alright then, just a quick bit about each of them;

Marsicans – One of the best indie bands around, their latest single has even more pop about it yet it’s still absolutely unmissable.

Llovers – Welsh lovers, maybe? Whatever they are, they’re good at dreamy sounds that’ll settle your mind.

Johnny Kills – WCT faves have a new tune out that sees them crank it up a notch – expect bigger guitars and a longing for some old-school pop-punk.

Plastic Barricades – Soft, warm and absolutely would pet if it was a pupper. Gorgeous.

The Extons – Definitely a full review of this coming soon, what a ballsy Strokes-esque sound.

Kagoule – Raucous little number that feels like it would smash your window in.

The fin. – Settle down with this knitted jumper of a track, maybe put a Cup-A-Soup on.

Seazoo – Bless you. Lovely bit of psych-indie this, casual but never careless.

Sad Palace – More tender than a perfectly cooked chicken breast, sparkly and emotionally taxing.

George Glew  – Cracking voice, very slow and a right good way to round things off.


Ciarán Steward

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