Me Not You – Reckoning 1

17522653_1111596552278271_4667959042898675672_nHaving stumbled upon ‘Relief‘ at some point earlier this year, of course the release of an EP from NYC outfit Me Not You was going to be well and truly on my radar. Now that it’s here, there’s a sense of endorphins being released into my bloodstream to keep me nice and calm so I can enjoy it in peace.

That first single remains undoubtedly the best offering on the EP, yet there are some other corkers mixed in there to make the overall selection well worth your time of day. The somewhat sinister vibes of ‘Relief‘ continue throughout and there’s no second-guessing of a fully-formed rebellious identity that’s not afraid to ruffle your hair despite repeated warnings. Opening track ‘Bulletproof‘ is the other real stand-out beauty here – with plenty of pop sensibilities mixing in with that intense alternative feel that keep the band from becoming a tiresome reboot. Each track has that same BIG feel with almost sheepish vocals singing with an understated confidence, keeping them from falling into the same of trap of trying to show off. There’s plenty of talent here but that doesn’t mean it needs to be over-egged.

At times the release undersells itself and the beats perhaps get a little too big. Yet the heart is there, the character is simply glowing and when those killer moments hit you just won’t know what to do with yourself.

Ciarán Steward

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