Dead Naked Hippies – I Wanna Know Ya

EP PACKSHOT-minImagine you’re stuck in the boot of a car without a drop of air to breathe. Suddenly, a belting guitar sends all sorts of electrifying sensations and vibrations down your spine. It’s a hit unlike any you’ve ever felt before, as if the dosage has been upped from two paracetamol to something a little more ‘substance abuse’. That’s the power you’ll feel from the very first blast of the new Dead Naked Hippies ripper.

Relentless, powerful and never lacking in desire, the Leeds-based trio get so big with this latest tune that you’d struggle to fit it in a whole fleet of Ford Transits. The guitars are on fire as they pick you right up out of your seat and push your head right into the middle of the amp until the sounds blaring out of it become one with your own mind. With a promising video concept on hand as well (though it does feel like they haven’t quite maxed out the potential of the idea), the best three minutes of your day might just be while this has your ears and eyes transfixed.

There’s no time to warn the neighbours so you might be getting a fair few noise complaint your way when you stick this on but – by golly – it’s worth it.

Ciarán Steward

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