Rob Bravery – Homage / Vanished

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 09.01.48You know when you haven’t seen an old friend in years and you’re not entirely sure if they’re alive or if they’re now living in Canada or whatever? That feeling when they come back into your life and it’s as if nothing has changed is one hell of a high. It’s something like what I felt when I spotted Rob Bravery‘s name in my inbox.

Having not written about him since the early days of WCT, I simply assumed he’d ‘Vanished‘ (Shut up…) but here he is again with that beautiful voice that feels like it hasn’t been gone from my ears for more than a few days. This return sees him bravely (I said shut up…) step up with a charming pop belter, swaying like the wind and slaying like a boss. The Bristolian just has something in his voice that’s so damn irresistible and he once more proves his unerring ability to write emotionally-charged music that’ll have you asking questions like ‘will there ever be a rainbow?’

Sultry, indulgent sounds to the last, this is a very welcome return that I didn’t even know was coming. Oh look now, I’m welling right up…

Ciarán Steward

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