Bassh – Go To

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 07.32.44Because you know I’m all about that Bassh… Belfast-born vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Brown brings the big hits in this new belter that takes vocal influence from the likes of The War On Drugs while the music is left to beat away without a care in the world with a surprisingly acceptable pop edge.

There’s a real sense of mid-’00s indie about this in the way those beats hit hard, like it were Hard-Fi playing but actually, like, a really good version of Hard-Fi. So maybe not Hard-Fi. The production here is absolute quality, allows those big moments to really stand out and get the hairs all over your body standing on end. Like a premium quality version of Hard-Fi (there we go…) the highs and lows combine brilliantly to keep you on tenterhooks throughout, while the track is fairly predictable you’ll still find yourself wanting to hear what comes next and aching to get that very next aural taste. This is catchy, radio catchy, and could well be the track that gives Mr Brown that big break he’s been after.

One of the most effective choruses you’re likely to hear all year, this isn’t a tune to turn your nose up at.

Ciarán Steward

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