whenyoung – Actor

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 21.02.10I feel like this is something I spent an awful lot of my teenage years listening to. But it turns out it’s just the new rocking beauty from whenyoung who claim to have come up with it without having to travel back in time and into my adolescent head. Alright, they made no mention of the second part of that but still…

The London via Limerick trio flatter to flatter as they don’t seek to over-complicate anything, relying mostly on the raw power of their gritty guitars and the fact that Aoife Power’s voice is exactly the sort of leader’s tone you should be tuning into as you tune out the noise. With a chorus this memorable and a swagger so irresistible, this is a great tune to get that blood pumping and your head nodding as if you were a Churchill bobbing head doll sat in the back of a newly insured car.

Yeah, I’m totally on board with this and I reckon you could do much worse than subscribing to the good ship whenyoung – it’s going places.

Ciarán Steward

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