The Golden Age of TV – Beast

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 08.56.53This track is a beast. Sorry, I mean, this track is ‘Beast‘ from the staggeringly cool The Golden Age Of TV. As much as I want to hoard up every last note of their’s into a sack marked ‘Swag’, the much nicer thing to do would be to share it around. Because this is something you absolutely cannot afford not to listen to.

Floating into the classier side of indie pop, there’s a real artistic flair to the Leeds-based quintet and those angular guitar sounds contrasting with a lighter-than-air chorus vocal is one of the greatest aural pleasures you’re likely to have all year. Made for one of those indie club nights that start off slow but build into a cacophony of flailing limbs, ‘Beast‘ grows into a pulsating slab of truly irresistible indie thanks to a rhythm section that are so on their toes I’ve heard rumours members of the Royal Ballet are quitting their jobs to look for work as plasterers. Spurious rumours, mind.

Somehow this tune manages to capture both the essence of feeling fluffy like a cloud and that get-up-and-go instinct we all wish we had when we stumble out of bed in the morning. This is pure class, like. What a BEAST!

Ciarán Steward

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