Indoor Pets – So Soon

19961423_1537759196279676_721151825610591290_nWhat can only be described as ‘FAR TOO DAMN LONG, JAMIE’ since the release of the final Get Inuit track, Indoor Pets emerge unscathed from the ashes with a brand new single to kick off 2018 in the right way. It’s big, it’s fun, it’s… a bit of a love song?

Not quite in the same vein as Jamie Glass and co’s previous catalogue of belters where self-deprecation is the aim of the game, ‘So Soon‘ feels almost human and nails that pop song essence while being inevitably filled with pounding guitar riffs. Blurring the line between pop and indie rock more dramatically than if it has been left out in the garden over a particularly soggy weekend, the foursome prep for their upcoming UK tour by giving it all thy’ve got. There are some deliciously creamy bass riffs from Ollie Nunn and the brothers Simpson excel at creating massive sounds with their combined guitar and drums. But it’s Glass’s unique, ridiculous yet genius voice that drives this home and makes you feel like they’ve barely been gone for a hot minute.

Welcome to the world, Indoor Pets. I’m very much looking forward to giving you a nice cuddle, stroking your hair and tell you what good boys you are.

Ciarán Steward

Spotify doesn’t like working as an embed so check it HERE instead.

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