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Premiere: FEVER DAYS – Bored

IMG_3084Time for something brand new, completely new in fact – like a fledgling foal scrambling to find a way to stay upright. Of course, this debut outing from Newcastle-based teenager FEVER DAYS has no issue with getting straight out there and sprinting like there’s no tomorrow.

A raw, rugged blend of mid-’00s indie and the finest home production tools available, you’re about to be treated to something complete with more energy than a crate of Red Bull and more drive than a milk float with a brick pressing down hard on the accelerator. Essences of Jamie T, Carl Barat-style riffs and sandalwood fill the room as the 18-year-old goes about everything at 200mph – which seems somewhat counter-productive to being bored as he’ll clearly get to the end of this tune much quicker than he should. It has the sort of vibe that instantly screams for a live set filled with flailing limbs from both the stage and the audience and that cool swagger that all the best indie bandits have in spades.

If you think you can do something better when you’re bored, I reckon you’re wrong. For a first outing, this is stellar and if it’s a sign of things to come then we’re grinning from ear to ear with anticipation.

Find more FEVER DAYS bits and pieces on Facebook and Instagram.

Ciarán Steward

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