Francobollo – Hoo Ha

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 06.43.09Well, this is all a bit of a ‘Hoo Ha‘ isn’t it? The latest tune from London via Sweden quartet Francobollo is a bit of guitar-led, slacker goodness that’s sure to get you feeling nice and dreamy, even if you’ve had a handful of espresso martinis already.

Named as a tribute to one of their favourite bands (the excellent Hoo Ha’s), the ‘Bollo boys keep things suitably off-kilter as they flick away with guitar riffs that keep reality at busy. There’s plenty of space in between the flutters of genius and the band show an impressive patience – they know things are always ready, simmering, on the verge of kicking off but their restraint in holding back until they’re all set to release hell makes that sweet, sweet chorus even tastier. It’s the final 20 seconds or so when everything breaks down that Francobollo come into their own, keeping those good vibes going just that little bit longer so you’re getting close to your three minutes worth out of them.

Day or night, it’s alright to get into a bit of a ‘Hoo Ha‘, as long as it sounds this good.

Ciarán Steward

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