Canshaker Pi – Put A Record Out

Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 17.45.18Having had the good fortune to have seen Canshaker Pi play in the back of a London pub and watch them bop around enthusiastically to the other acts, I can assure you they’re aptly described as ‘a cracking bunch of lads’. Live, they absolutely killed it and latest single ‘Put A Record Out‘ is one of the real highlights in their set.

This raving group of Dutch psych-lovers know exactly how to bore down to that layer just beneath your skin so their sounds reverberate around inside you like some kind of guitar-filled inner lining. Those guitars are absolutely irresistible and the thundering rhythm section provide more intensity than a staring match with someone who has a slightly lazy eye (but you obviously don’t know for sure which one is the ‘lazy’ eye, you’re just guessing). They can go trip, trap, trop through my head all day long for all I care as they bring the noise some damn expertly they might need a quick testing next time they come through airport security. For performance enhancing drugs only, of course.

Ferocious, psyched-out genius that you need to get flowing through your veins like there’s no tomorrow.

Ciarán Steward

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