Saltwater Sun – The Wire

qc2jhcxba1fmb_600Saltwater Sun never disappoint. It’s always sunny when they’re around and lord knows we need to do a regular sundance around this time of year. Save energy, play this and the sun will appear. At least in your mind anyway.

This really is the brightest shade of sun-kissed indie-pop from the Hand In Hive signees. It’s a instrumentally bright spark constantly fighting against the greyed-out apathy and detachment from society the lyrics describe.

The Wire‘ certainly takes aim at the turbulent times we find ourselves in. It’s true, we live in a society very much divided, a “currency of hate” as vocalist Jen Stearne states.

I’ve always admired the fact Saltwater Sun are routinely able to find sun in the darkest of places. Quite apt considering their name. They’ve done it again here, this is a heavyweight indie-pop banger jam-packed full of catchy scuzzy riffs and a powerful foundation for Stearne to run with, making us hear her points loud and clear with infectiously-edged vocal grit.

It’s a belter of a new offering. Saltwater Sun had something to say and they don’t half know how to say it. It’s still ascending…

Jake Marley

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