Llovers – Go Get Her, Go Getter

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 13.12.05After you’re bombarded with an OTT ’80s dream synth intro, Llovers are on hand with their latest single to calm you down. Sure, they’re the culprits for the intense flashback opening but then they make everything so much better with a pop song so catchy you’ll be needing to see your GP for a new round of injections.

As well as the clever wordplay in the track name – well above the standards expected at We Close Tonight – the Northern quintet show that they’re dab hands at coming up with uplifting beats. The track has all the hallmarks of a true indie pop banger, so much so that it’d surely be a best-seller in Clintons (hallmarks? Hallmark? I’m wasted on you lot…). Those harmonies are top-notch, the bass keeps jolting around to ensure you don’t switch off and the synths are an overwhelming driver of aural goodness that it might be worth checking their license to see if they’re legal allowed to carry so much in one go.

Boy, does this track deliver and if you love it when a track brings nothing but positivity you’ll have to run a fair few miles to find something matching this charmer.

Ciarán Steward

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