Free Money – I Got U

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 07.36.40Sure, it’s totally normal to get an email from ‘The Bank Of Free Money‘ and not just flag it as spam and move on with your day. Luckily, for once it wasn’t just somebody trying to find out that my pin number is 5410 and it was actually some decent music to keep me distracted from all kinds of other scams.

The London-based outfit seem so chilled out, perhaps because of all that money, as they reiterate that they’ve well and truly got you – without a doubt in their minds. Without a doubt in… Who puts a sax on indie music these days? Actually, why don’t more people do it? This just seems like good old-fashioned fun from a band who have clearly got talented but don’t appear to take themselves too seriously. This could definitely have featured on a mid-’00s FIFA, it’s got that perfect light guitar intro and the whole thing would be great to accompany you making the tough decision between Damien Duff or Joe Cole (other footballers are also available).

Light and breezy, like the perfect lemon meringue pie – which coincidentally I ate recently when ou…

Ciarán Steward

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