Fightmilk – Not With That Attitude

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 12.42.41With a band named after a reference to a genuinely funny US sitcom (I assume…) and a vocalist so heavily influenced by Kirsty MacColl that you’d be convinced you were listening to the real deal, Fightmilk have got everything they need to get my head turned and keep it there so long that I’m going to have to visit a doctor once I’ve finished writing this nonsense.

It’s a raging alternative rock banger that perhaps would usually pass me by, yet those vocals are impossible to ignore and – though the MacColl sound seems to wain a little as the song progresses – there are all sorts of classic alternative music clichés and familiarities that bring a wry smile to my face. The London quartet have certainly got some ‘oomph’ (as the kids say…) and you could bet your bottom dollar that things would go off completely at a live show.

Not necessarily one for the indie kids, but this is worth a listen if you fancy something with a bit more bite and some good old-fashioned crooning.

Ciarán Steward

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