Bessie Turner – Nino

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 07.12.05It’s hard to pin down exactly where Bessie Turner sits in the musical spectrum, with splashes of indie melding with joyous pop-style riffs and ‘oohs’ to leave you wanting to hear oh so much more of her as you sit gazing with your head resting on your open palms like a child being told by Neil Armstrong about his venture to the moon.

The East Anglian songwriter may sing sweetly but her words feel full of purpose and her music seems like that of someone who isn’t happy to just settle for some glowing reviews from relatively obscure blogs, she belongs on bigger stages being heard by bigger crowds with bigger ears (both metaphorically and literally, of course) as a talent for writing music like this should simply not go unnoticed. Honestly, this is just such a brilliantly crafted song that it’s hard to even think of ridiculous non-sequiters to ramble on with and distract you before you press play.

You know what, go. Just go. Stop letting me waste your time, just get this on and it’ll do more than speak for itself.

Ciarán Steward

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