Hollow Hand – Milestone

Screenshot 2018-11-05 at 09.08.42And breathe, let everything else in the world fade away as you close your eyes and let Hollow Hand take over for a little while. The track is tagged up as ‘cosmic ocean’ so whether your ship is on the ocean or among the stars, they can grab the wheel and save you from hitting and icebergs or asteroids for a while.

You’ll not be stirred by any kind of disturbance or negativity as they sing sweet melodies in your ear, guiding you away from the darkness and into a warm embrace from Max Kinghorn-Mills who heads up the Brighton-based outfit. Just tap your toes along to the rhythm of the engines below your feet as lyrical beauty slips into your ears and floats onto the insides of your eyelids as if your mind were magically some kind of subtitles purely for your own benefit.

Why would you want to worry about anything at all when you can let your troubles go free and just enjoy something so beautiful and free as this? Utter bliss.

Ciarán Steward

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