White Room – Shoot

Screenshot 2018-11-05 at 09.11.13White Room are back with what I’m reliably informed is their first single release of 2018, far too long without any music being delivered from the Brighton indie quintet and if they so much as think about pulling a stunt like that again I’ll be giving them a slap on the wrists.

Still, it’s great to have them tickling the ear-vories once more and ‘Shoot‘ is just the kind of strutting, fuzzy beast that you’d want them to blast away at you. Always assured and never boring, the way in which the title word leads in softly before making a right old fuss feels like the perfect way to describe what’s going on here as the band descend into an expertly organised chaos from a relatively straight-forward beginning. That guttural bass sound is a sheer delight and the pose, pose, pose nature of each phrase makes it as impossible to keep away from than those custard creams someone has left tantalisingly in reach of your desk when they know you’re trying to cut back a bit.

Don’t make a scene, now. I know you’re scared but really this is going to do far more good than harm. Plug in.

Ciarán Steward

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