LUCIA – Cheap Talk

Screenshot 2018-11-05 at 13.26.35LUCIA are genuinely one of the most exciting acts in the world at the moment. The Glaswegian quartet, headed up by Lucia Fairfull, seem on such a roll with their recent single that you’d have to keep them away from any hills or they could do some real damage to neighbouring towns.

Those guitars are riotous, Fairfull’s voice like that of a natural leader and the songs structured in such a perfect way that while you know where they’re headed you’re happy to shut your mouth and go with the flow because there’s no way you know better than they do. It’s weird to be told ‘Shut up, Shut up‘ repeatedly during a song and be willing to accept it as the right option, but really if you start talking over this then you deserve a fair warning. With hints of shoegaze mixed in with their typical indie rock style, LUCIA are just so irresistible at the moment and they’re turning everything they touch into gold in a far less dangerous way than King Midas ever could.

You know what, just give them everything they want now and let them walk away with it all – They’ve earned it with belting tracks like this.

Ciarán Steward

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