Spielbergs – 4AM

Screenshot 2018-11-05 at 13.18.57Rampage, rampage, RAMPAGE! Mind out the way because Spielbergs are on course the smash right through that wall behind you and into the cafe next door and – from the speed they’re going – I can’t imagine they’re set to stop and settle up a bill with the owner.

The Oslo trio will be long in the distance by the time you’ve digested everything they have to offer on new single ‘4AM‘ which is lined up to get your heart racing at the pace of an Olympic sprinter from the comfort of being nicely sat in your living room with a warm cup of tea. It calls out to the anthemic sounds of rock from years gone by as the band put so much focus into power and energy that they’d probably be able to keep the power on at Kerrang HQ for a good few months. Never resting, the pounding rhythms should be enough to motivate you to get off your backside, pick up that old guitar and give it one last shot – so get your power chords at the ready if you want to rock along and feel a part of this.

An aural espresso, primed to turn your head into a pile of mush as you try to comprehend just how top notch this really is.

Ciarán Steward

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