The Flavians – Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted)

Screenshot 2018-11-06 at 13.15.51If you think I was hooked on this stunner from Berlin-based indie quartet The Flavians from the very first sound I heard and was set on loving the track despite whatever else might happen… You’d be absolutely right.

Fortunately, the whole darn thing is just as fun to listen to as the title would have you believe. There aren’t many songs you’ll hear in the next 12 months that make you actually want to sit with a plastered grin on your face, even if you have got a bit of last night’s pork chop stuck between your teeth. The rhythm section makes everything feel playful, while everything that sits atop it contributes to a hazy, carnival-esque off-kilter feeling that feels like it’s headed in the right direction, albeit a little staggeringly after a couple of drinks more than it perhaps should have.

Keep a close ear on the lyrical genius in this one, though it’s pretty easy to get swept up in all the glorious sounds it has to offer. Absolutely brilliant.

Ciarán Steward

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