Pizzagirl – Body Part

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 21.19.02Time to settle in and get snug as you stare out the raindrop-covered window, tissues in hand and the lights set to whatever level of darkness comes just about complete. The intro to the latest track from Liverpool-based bedroom-pop artist Pizzagirl is perfect for those times when you just want to let it all out and eat a minimum of three chocolate eclairs.

Don’t worry, the track does lighten up and there’s plenty of synthy goodness to bring that smile back to your face but there’s some proper emotional drainage going on here and the plumbers have said they can’t get out until Thursday at the earliest, which obviously isn’t ideal. By the time this track has fully come out of that comfy-as-you-like shell, you’ll find yourself donning your make-up and heels to get ready to go dancing. Sure, you might look a bit strange if you don’t shave off that Movember moustache but really who would care about something like that? After all, the only thing that really matters in the world is music, sweet music. There should be music everywhere.

A genuinely intoxicating listen, with twists and turns taking it from a downbeat soppy film soundtrack into the perfect accompaniment for a personal renovation.

Ciarán Steward

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