Low Island – 16.04.21

Photo: Evelin Van Rei

Bit weird to name a track after what is (as I write this, slumped in a cheap armchair, typing it out on my phone while the kettle boils) a day in the future. Friday to be precise. But with it named after a Friday and given Low Island’s brilliant uplifting work to date, such as Don’t Let The Light In which – my god – is phenomenal, it’s a surprise to find this one setting an Eno-esque soundscape. Almost as if something might be coming on Friday, who’s to say?

That’s not to say this is unlistenable or any less impressive by any means, and in fact it’s great to hear something so unexpected and far out from a band whose sole reputation in my head was ‘cracking pop songs’. The experimental sounds show that understanding of music and how listeners can truly be transported if you get it right. The occasional interruption of lyrics is delightful and adds some humanity to this twirling odyssey, with those waves lapping at your heels in the intro having long since taken you well away from the shore and off to some distant island.

Oh balls, I’ve over-filled the kettle. Excuse me a moment while I go tidy up, why not listen to this beauty as you wait?


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