SPQR – Fault Lines

Photo: Liam Powell

SPQR, an abbreviation for Senatus Populusque Romanus, is an emblematic abbreviated phrase referring to the government of the ancient Roman Republic. It appears on Roman currency, at the end of documents made public by an inscription in stone or metal, and in dedications of monuments and public works.

It’s also the name of a properly banging band from Liverpool who make my head spin so much I’ve taken to wearing a neck brace while writing this to avoid any ‘incidents’. The chorus on their latest brutalist anthem is one of their best to date, with the steady sense of unease that they’ve become so brilliant at creating meaning that you’re never quite able to sit still so – like it or not – you’re dancing along. In a way. Peter Harrison’s voice is unlike any other and his ability to pull you in to listen to his stories like a mysterious figure around a campfire means it’s incredibly hard to get yourself unhooked from this dark poetry.

If you enjoyed Everything Everything’s Re-animator, this is definitely going to be your cup of extra-caffeinated tea. I take no responsibility for any accidents that happen while you lose control listening to this. Now, back to Wikipedia…


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