Sports Team – Happy (God’s Own Country)

Wicker man, wicker man, how do you do? Sports Team have gone balls to the wall with homages to you. The Mercury-nominated, Lady Gaga-challenging sextet are back with their first single post-Deep Down Happy and it’s all pretty much as you’d expect.

Throw in a reference to a UK town (Chipping Norton and Thanet this time), some changes of pace, pained vocal yelps from Alex Rice and Ben Mack doing something indistinguishable on a keyboard, this has everything from a spotters guide perspective. To quote Nigel Thornberry, it’s absolutely smashing. When you know how to do it, why not keep doing the same thing over and over with your singles? They know they’re not everybody’s cup of tea, which is probably what gives them the freedom to enjoy themselves so much.

Don’t watch the video after your first trip back to the pub in 2021 having sunk a few, you’ll end up overly suspicious of that lampshade in the corner. Do watch it and listen to it daily though until you’ve memorised the words, guitar solo and bassline at the very least. Welcome back, you absolute reprobates.


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