Tim Ayre – Miami Drive

Sure, I really enjoyed Tim Ayre‘s new video for ‘Miami Drive‘ and the track has got me feeling all mellowed out. However, he really should be looking at the road while he’s driving rather than giving these cheeky looks to camera – One day he’s going to get spotted by a cop and get pulled over, and rightfully so.

Maybe he’ll be able to smooth talk his way out of a ticket, as his laid back attitude serves him well in creating this fuzzy little gem tailor-made for afternoons with a cool glass of something sweet while sitting back in rocking chairs with an old friend (Lemonade? Please). The Sydney-based artist – yes that’s right, Australia caught you off-guard too didn’t it, well, except for the hair – seems all about wanderlust and this sprawling fuzzball is the perfect little drop of escapism to freshen up your day.

So Tim, keep your eyes on the road and we’ll be alright. You’re going places, as long as you stay within the lines.


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