BSÍ – Vesturbæjar Beach

Photo: Maria-Carmela Raso

The one time I went to Iceland years ago, I bought what was essentially a Rustlers burger in a shop for a family picnic that I then had to heat in the microwave and eat within about the first 100 yards of leaving the shop. Imagine that, dear reader, the writer of all this is someone who doesn’t plan things through well.

Anyway, before I hit the word count, BSÍ seem like a whole lot of fun – from the infectious, running energy of the track through to the frankly stupid music video which is one of the best things I’ve seen all year. The Icelandic outfit show off their summer clothes surrounded by snow and genuinely seem to be having a great time just messing around and letting go, which is very much the same structure of the song.

Completely unorganised, chaotic and filled with so, so much joy. This is truly an absolute delight to listen to and will be the song that perks me up for the foreseeable.


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