Jaws The Shark – Demon Dream

Ever feel like you really want to wake someone up in the rudest way possible? When you feel like you’re really ready to begin the day with a massive argument, try whacking your speakers up to full blast and sticking on this latest rather from Jaws The Shark on and it should do the trick.

Filled with more vim and vigour that a drill Sargeant from an ‘80s movie, this spectacular assault course for your ears will have them fighting fit in no time as they burn away at the mercy of this epic flame. Every time you think they’ve gone big enough, another layer appears and you’re pulled further into the danger. Absolutely wonderful.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an apology breakfast to make and I believe that’s a few of the neighbours banging away at the door. A better idea in theory than in practice, perhaps.


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