Jack Beech – Blue Hour

Breathe in. Now wait a few seconds before you read the next line. And breathe out. Time for some relaxation with this soothing delight from Jack Beech, likely to do as much for your positive vibes as a solid half hour of yoga, even if you’re using a proper fancy app.

The slow, considered track is expertly put together and full of emotional peaks and troughs as it carries your mind away to a better place. This isn’t Starbucks background music or anything, it’s actual chilled out bliss. With an incredible attention to detail, every last sound is perfectly intertwined to create a piece that’s every bit as impressive as a John Williams score.

A real deep dive inside yourself is needed to explore what really makes you who you are, and what makes you tick. You’re probably not in the best place to be looking for advice to be honest, but stick this on and you’ll do alright for today at least.


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