Veps – Ecstasy

This is raw, rough and properly needs fixing up in places. However, Veps are definitely onto something and it’s mad to know they’re still only around 17 years old and putting together something this coherent, packed with a big dollop of potential.

The Norwegian quartet have a real DIY aesthetic that works perfectly for them. Sure, the timings may all be a bit ropey but in some way that seems to add to the appeal of this as a sign of what kind of anarchy might still be yet to come. It also has one of the most ‘made at home’ videos you’re likely to see, and frankly I’d like to see what you managed to put together during lockdown if you’re planning to get on your high horse.

One for the future? Not really, this is one for now and it’s going to be an interesting journey to see where this rabble end up.


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