Void Kandy – Fixated

Photo: Trystan French

Do you think they could make shoes out of that material water beds are made from? I know they would have to be sturdier on the bottom to avoid getting pricked by shards of glass or whatever, but surely someone has at least TRIED to invent them.

Anyway, if those shoes existed then I would assume they’d bring the same kind of semi-floating sensation that comes when you listen to this trippy little thing from Void Kandy. Not sweet by any means, this twisted fantasy has echoes of the fabulous Her’s in its beautiful weirdness and is really one for those ‘outside the box thinkers’, if you’re into your corporate jargon.

If nobody has even attempted to invent those shoes before I’d be genuinely shocked. But don’t you go away and start making them now without at least giving me 20% of the profits for the inspiration. I’ll be watching.


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