chickpee – Would You Like Some Tea?

If there’s one thing I’ve mentioned here more than any other, it’s a nice cup of tea. Seriously, if I could be bothered I’d do a search on the site for how many times I’ve referenced tea in a ‘review’ and I’m confident it’ll be in maybe 10% of everything. So when I saw the title of this chickpee track I was sold instantly.

Luckily, it’s also a very nice song to listen to indeed. A quintessentially polite song, with plenty of added fuzz in the vocals to space them right out. The whole song is very chilled and ambles along with no great sense of urgency, allowing the listener to enjoy the ride and look out the window at the stunning countryside/dystopian nightmare (delete as appropriate).

So, yes. I would always like some tea. In fact, I’m going to put another brew on now so I can sit and listen to this all over again. And maybe a biscuit. Or two. Bring the packet.


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