Jaws The Shark – Loose Change

Photo: Anna Hach

If sharks lived in a society that needed a form of payment, what do you reckon they’d use? Obviously coins and notes are out of the equation given the way they’d deteriorate in water over time. Maybe kelp? Or trading fish with each other?

Next time I get the chance, I’ll ask Jaws The Shark to see if I can get a definitive answer. In the meantime Olly Bailey, as he’s known when not sharking, has put another banger out into the ocean that’s thunderous, rapturous and perhaps the early warning signs of an oncoming tornado (with Elliot Rawson from Yak on drum duties). The lockdown-fuelled project has been incredibly fruitful to date and has helped unlock the potential brilliance of someone who has a fantastic ability to write music that really gets you going.

My only real question is how on earth does he play that guitar with his fins? Right, it’s just a name. Got it. That clears up quite a lot actually.


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