Shoegaze is brilliant, isn’t it? Back when this blog had readers the first time around, there were several hazy bands that I fell in love with – see The Vryll Society, Palm Honey and others who have all seemed to disappear.

This is the first property magnificent bit of stretched out sound I’ve enjoyed in 2021, with PLEASURE CENTRE well and truly living up to their name. Could I tell you why I love it so much? Absolutely not, it’s more of an intense internal feeling of ‘this is right’ rather than a single element making this a cut above. Everything just sounds so perfect that I wouldn’t want to start analysing it in too greater details in case it all started to fall around me like a house of cards.

What a lovely, lovely thing to listen to this is. Absolutely made my day the first time I heard it, I hope it brightens up yours too. Fantastic, truly fantastic.


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