Someone – Strange World

Photo: Bibian Bingen

There’s nobody can deny the world is a little strange at the moment. Well, unless they’re arguing that that would be too much of an understatement. Imagine trying to explain 2021 to someone back in the olden days of 2018, can you even begin to know where to start? But, as Someone leads by example here it’s paramount that we don’t let it get us done.

This soft, soothing track is a welcome relief from the daily chaos and arguments – giving you a moment to truly pause and take stock of all the great things you may have in your life while smiling about just how strange the world outside your head has got to. For those like me who’ve always had something ‘odd’ about what goes on inside their heads, it’s comforting to know that for once it’s the safest, calmest place to be. It’s beautifully calm pop music this, with twinges of psychedelic fantasies and a bass sound so warm you’ll probably not need the heating today.

Yes, the world right now is a bit… off, but when there’s music like this for curling up to in the evenings then maybe we’ll all actually be alright. Can you imagine?


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