Rowan – Everybody Talks

Does everybody talk too much these days or have we stopped talking in favour of communicating through memes, photos and texts? Oh god, that’s the oldest I’ve ever felt – moving swiftly on to this nice little runner from Cork-based trio Rowan which, coincidentally, was the name of my class at primary school. I think. It was definitely some kind of tree anyway.

This is a surprising track, with the change of pace halfway through helping keep it more interesting than your standard indie ear-filler. With that repetitive chorus cutting through, the guitars going here there and everywhere and that added effect on the video version of the track when he pauses to light a cigarette (that you can legally buy in shops?!?) just all helps add a bit more depth to this and keep it from being forgettable. There’s real power in the final throes of this one so it’s worth really ramping up the volume and getting yourself prepared to REALLY go for it at home.

I can’t believe I started the ‘nobody talks any more’ routine. That’s almost as bad as the ‘there are no more guitar bands’ or ‘these pop stars aren’t real musicians because I PERSONALLY haven’t ever seen them play an instrument. Dear, oh dear.


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