When people say they’re ‘almost there’ of they’ve ‘almost done’ something, there’s generally a bit of an understanding in place that they haven’t actually left yet or they’re leaving all their work to the last minute before the deadline for no reason other than they ‘work well under pressure’ which is a lie they’ve conditioned themselves into believing after doing the same thing time after time, after time, after time, after time. While it may be the track name, there’s no sense of ‘Almost‘ from CHILDCARE on their latest track as it’s very much pure beauty put to record without so much as a perfectly coiffured hair out of place.

Anyway, back to the only song I’ve been able to listen to all morning because it’s more addictive than when you’re trying just to have one little piece of chocolate on a Friday night. Come on, nobody has the power the stop that. This is something of a subdued track from one of my all time favourite bands, with everything neatly stripped back to make the storytelling impossible to escape from being pulled into. With their signature devil may care attitude across both sets of vocals and the beautifully ragged guitar solo, this is a very different feel from the London-based quartet and yet it’s still so undeniably their wonderful niche.

Long live New Music Friday, if this lot could really get into gear and release a new track every single week then I might actually get out of bed on the first alarm each time. Actually, let’s not make promises we know we can’t keep.


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