Malady – Famous Last Words

What do you reckon the most famous famous last words are? There have to be some absolute corkers out there, and it’s something I’m probably going to spend the rest of my morning Googling to see what comes up. This time around, it’s Malady sharing their instantly famous last words in their new single and – if there’s any justice in the world – these are words that’ll stick around a little while at least.

If you haven’t listened to this lot already, make sure you go back and check out their debut single ‘London I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down‘ which is also brilliant. This is indie meets nightclubs in a way that doesn’t involve having to ask a DJ if he has anything other than Mr Brightside to close the night with. I’m not sure what this ‘running’ is that charismatic frontman Percy Junior Cobbinah keeps going on about it but I’m somehow not entirely sure it’s for me, I’d rather be sat listening to stuff like this than getting up and actively doing anything.

Obviously I’ve already had a quick look at some famous last words online, and I’ll leave it to Beethoven to handle the sign-off. “Friends applaud, the comedy is over.”


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