Dirty Nice – Get In Your Head (Malkovich Ya)

Oh now here we go, it’s time to get funky. Sure, you might still be wearing your dressing gown and those frog slippers that you secretly hope nobody ever finds out about, but you’re about to lose yourself in something delicious from Dirty Nice that’ll have you unable to control where you dance and by the time you notice you’ll have gone well past the bins and down the street without even picking up your keys. Looks like it’s going to be one of those days.

There are some squelchy sounds in here that are irresistible and that chorus has undoubtedly already got into my head and, by proxy, the heads of anyone who gets stuck on a Zoom call with me today as I’m confident I’ll end up whistling it without realising. Over and over again. Turns out this is co-produced by Bad Sounds and that’s absolutely no surprise when you key in to those falsetto vocals – if not the whole gorgeous vibe of this all.

Why would you want to listen to something normal or cool or edgy when you can enjoy something as fun as this? Don’t take yourself too seriously and sometimes things can work out just fine. This has put an absolutely beaming smile on my face, it’s hypnotic, psychedelic joy all wrapped up in a neat little package.


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