Dan Croll – On Top

Photo: Max Knight

Good news, everyone! Dan Croll is back – and he’s got a lovely little organ sound with him that’s going to have you reminiscing about how great the music of the ‘70s was even though you weren’t born for another twenty years. Can you believe there are people born later than 1999? What?!?

Lighter than a gram of feathers (or bricks?) this is like Vulfpeck discovering what it would be like to slow down sometimes. It sounds so casual that you just know endless hours of working so hard have gone into this to make it all sound so easy.

Beautifully soft and made for those lighter days, this really is music for unwinding and letting go. You really have been working pretty damn hard lately, so go put your feet up and stick this on. I’ll be round shortly with a brew and some nice biscuits. Not ‘Nice’ biscuits, probably Hobnobs.


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