Roxanne De Bastion – Molecules

Photo: Amanda Rose

You COULD shout at molecules, though you’d surely have to be looking through a microscope as you did so if you truly wanted to gauge their reaction for any kind of scientific purpose. Either that, or you could just accept that it’s not a bad opening lyric from Roxanne De Bastion on her latest release.

Produced by Bernard Butler, this feels like a real stepping up of the pace from one of music’s most unique and inventive voices. As the crescendos build and the strings start to make you question if you’re slipping into some kind of lucid dream, it’s easy to get hooked through the repetition and De Bastion’s vocals growing in passion and power throughout the song.

We’ve all mislabelled things over the course of our lives – whether it’s accidentally putting Frosties in the Cornflakes box, sticking tags onto the wrong presents at Christmas because two of them have pretty similar shapes, you know the score. But mislabelling God is maybe a bit of a bigger deal, so somebody might be getting into a whole heap of trouble if she’s into something here.


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