Order, ORDERRRRR! The court of NOPRISM is now in session and it looks like a courtroom from somewhere in the late twentieth century with some neons, synths and the softest rug you’ve ever seen. Yes, I have seen a real courtroom before – why do you ask?

This electronic fantasy is dripping in disco droplets with vocals that feel a bit more post-punk and on edge, not quite relaxing into that old school disco vibe. This is absolutely captivating and, no matter where you are, if you shut your eyes you’ll find yourself in a box with flashing lights creeping in from all around as the world begins to make less and less sense by the second.

Go grab something black out of the cupboard. And something fluffy. And then the brightest thing you own. Stick them all on and see how it looks. Odds are, I know even less when it comes to writing about fashion than I do about music. If you can believe that.


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