Havana Swim Club – Yeah

Am I tripping back to a memory from the distant past as the screen before my eyes distorts in vertical waves? Sadly not, I’m just listening to the latest edit from Havana Swim Club and wishing I was the start of a cheekily written sitcom from yesteryear.

Anyone who has ever wanted to get in on the good times will be able to do so incredibly easy once this comes on the stereo and they’ll get whipped off their feet by nothing but positivity, spirit and sheer pleasure. As the track develops and things modernise more and more it feels like we’re slowly being brought back to reality through a strange ship on a tunnel led by a crazed chocolatier and powered by Oomp… Ah, you get it. But much more casually than that, and with fewer terrifying images. Seriously, that scene is messed up.

Nice and light, easy to fall into and better constructed than anything I ever made in any of my tech classes at school, this is more than good enough for a place on the mantelpiece.


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