Losers – Wake Up

Photo: Ben Madle

Wake Up, Losers. We’re going out to listen to music. So pack up your synths you’ve had passed down to you from the 1980s, get those guitars in the boot and make sure you bring that cable to link your phone up to the car speakers.

This is a right bit of everything, a peculiar hybrid of pop classics and envelope-pushing sounds that makes it sit way out there in its own. But then they’re sometimes based in Berlin apparently, so of course they’re creative as they come and have a unique take on making music right. If you’re looking for a wake up call before 7am I’d suggest this maybe isn’t the kind of thing to choose unless you REALLY want to have an abrupt start to your day.

Man, machine and the rise of the multi-instrumentalist. This is absolutely fascinating and well worth getting your teeth right into.


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