Belot – Kiss You

Photo: Sinem Munur

Pop music is brilliant sometimes. It can change your mood, the whole course of your day or even the way you see yourself. And the very best of these times come when a song just makes you smile, like this Belot banger that’s got me going full Cheshire Cat.

It’s just stupid and fun, like listening to the inside of a strain of candy floss as it spins around in the machine. I wouldn’t want to be in Jennifer’s shoes, she seems to have some bad news coming to her. Hopefully she’s been spoken to before this song snuck into her life. This has those kinds of ‘now here’s what I REALLY think’ vibes that you’d usually only find in the last page of your school books when you’re really getting into the deep stuff.

Sure, it’s probably not the ‘lightest’ topic in the world to be potentially talking infidelity or whatever, but this is still bringing nothing but goodness into my day and you might get some happiness from it too.


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