Zkeletonz – Not Your Fault

Probably not inspired by that scene in Good Will Hunting that showed us all that Robin Williams was an absolute genius, this Zkeletonz track is a funky little gem that will have you ‘shaking your booty’ as I believe the kids once used to say. Fucking hell, that’s bad even for me.

This cosmic take on disco just a few decades too late is an imaginative, shimmering dose of music that transcends time. And space, perhaps. Packed with far out effects, it’s hard to pull your ears away from that super funky guitar and the high-pitched vocals that tick some of those key hallmarks that Mr Clinton would be listening out for. George, not Bill. Maybe Bill too, actually. This is free, fun and full of funk, I love it.

Everything in this song is heavy-handed and over the top, making it truly ridiculous from start to finish. Of course I’m a massive fan.


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